France Cooking Vacations, Foodie Tours, Culinary Getaways

Colorful Macarons

As a center of world culture, France is known for exquisite architecture and charm, as well as for its haute cuisine, cooking tourism, and schools. French cooking relies heavily on its use of herbs and sauces to create delicacies beyond compare. With major focus on a variety of cheeses and the best in wines, French cuisine provides palate-pleasing dishes for every taste. France is the home of cooking ingenuity, from the fish dishes in Nord-Pas-de-Calais to the vegetables of the Loire Valley, from wild game and fowl dishes of Alsace-Lorraine to the wealth of fine dining in Paris. Individuals looking for the best in culinary experiences should certainly include destinations in France to their itinerary.

A Culinary Rendezvous Between Loire and Normandy

Visit the French countryside and its enchanting villages. With miles of coastline bordering the English Channel, Norman cuisine abounds with treasures from this rich and diverse area. Come savor its splendors at this gorgeous 15th century chateau set on the Normandy-Loire border – where history has great taste!

An Edible Exploration Through The City of Lights!

You’ll be staying in a charming, quiet boutique hotel that is in the heart of Paris. Your market visit and two cooking class will allow you to experience hand-on French cuisine. You’ll go on a unique food tour that retraces the mysteries and culinary secrets of the oldest food market in Europe. You’ll learn about French wines by an expert sommelier. You’ll enjoy breath taking views of Paris from the Seine River Lunch Cruise.

Culinary & Wine Delights of Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is more famous for its wine than for its food, but it takes only a little effort to discover the exquisite regional cuisine of this beautiful city. From its abundant Atlantic fish and shellfish to the succulent beef, pork, and lamb from inland, each distinctive dish can be paired with one of Bordeaux’s world-famous wines.

Culinary Delights of Burgundy

You will be living history when you stay in the luxurious 13th century Chateau d’Ige. Learn to create famous Burgundy dishes in your hands-on cooking classes, taught by a master Chef. You will have guided tours of Romanesque chapels, a 10th century Abby all set in historical Medieval Villages. You will learn about Burgundy wines in your wine tasting sessions and discover the Chef’s Burgundy cuisine secrets in your Welcome & Farewell Dinners.

Provence: The Crossroads of Mediterranean Culture and Culinary Tradition

Gently sloping vineyards and lavender fields form the backdrop for your exciting culinary excursion throughout Provence. Despite being part of France for over five hundred years, this historical region retains a distinct cultural identity. Meet the people who grow and make the wonderful ingredients which have inspired this area’s rich culinary techniques and traditions. Learn to prepare an abundance of Provencal specialties paired with superior local wines from private and cooperative wineries.